If you want to be obeyed, be as positive as possible

If you want to be obeyed, be as positive as possible

Wisdom says,

 “If you want to be obeyed, command what is possible.”

I say,

 “If you want to be obeyed, be as positive as possible.”

Before we start talking about the importance of adopting positivity in all aspects and details of life, especially at work. Let us first consider what is meant by a positive person.

In short, he is the person who is looking for treatment and does not cry over the illness. The person who sees in every problem an opportunity to find a solution, not a bump in the road.


If you find this person, you will find him enjoying the magnetism of those around him, they consult him and ask for his help, and they subconsciously obey his orders. If so, is there a better leader than such a leader? Gentlemen, a positive person is nothing but a natural leader.


As I am used to with you, my dear reader, I will tell you the stories I have heard in this regard, and as for the significance of them, I will let your mind and your decision dictate it.


They say that there was a restaurant manager named Jerry. Jerry was very positive, he was always in a good mood, and his tongue was full of positive phrases as if he had a dictionary of these phrases containing thousands of them.


Jerry was a distinguished manager surrounded by his subordinates most of the time so that the owners of the restaurants where Jerry worked were afraid of losing him, it means losing all the workers and employees, they follow him wherever he goes.


The reason for this was that he was sending them positivity and stimulus subconsciously, as this is his nature.



One day a friend asked him, “Jerry, how can you be so positive all the time? What’s the secret behind that?”


Jerry replied, “The secret is in the decision, I wake up every day and I have two choices, either I spend my day in a good mood or I spend it in a bad mood, and I choose the good mood that is not disturbed by anything, so I see every bump I encounter as an opportunity to learn, I take it and solve it positively, that’s all.”


Jerry’s friend wished to see him acting positively towards a problem, but the busy life did not leave them any room, so each of them got busy, until the friend received a phone call telling him that Jerry was shot and taken to the hospital and had a serious operation, but his condition has stabilized and the friend can visit him.


The friend went to the hospital, and after a meeting mixed with emotion and wishing for recovery, his friend asked him what happened, Jerry replied: I left the back door open by inadvertently, so a gang of three people entered and asked me to take the money out of the case, and when they felt that I was procrastinating until the police arrived, they shot me and they were run away.


Then Jerry stopped talking until to take his medicine, so the nurse came in and heard the last part of what Jerry said, and she replied saying: Sir, the story has another part, but Mr. Jerry didn’t tell you, during his transfer to the operating room, we found him conscious, looking at us and he could read on our faces that he is inevitably dead.


Then she was silent for a moment and her eyes filled with tears and continued: Then I asked him as a normal procedure before any surgery, do you have any allergies to anything? Do you know what his response was?


“Yes, I am allergic to bullets, take the bullet out of my body, I am allergic to bullets, and remember that you perform the operation for a living person and not for a dead person, so we were stunned and laughed as if by saying this he returned our souls to us, we nurses and doctors breathed a sigh of relief, and we performed the operation with all energy and care and since then, we called him Mr. Positive, not Mr. Jerry.”


The friend really needed this, to see Jerry’s positive attitude in order to understand the secret of his subordinates’ love for him.

24 - April - 2024

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